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January Newsletter 2021






Be looking for an exciting email with information on some new beginnings for GPA! 

New Class Offerings

  • Modern Class with Abigail Davidson- Saturdays 12:45-2pm
  • Private Music Lessons - Currently accepting students of all ages
    • Virtual Piano Lessons with Lynne Haessler
    • Summerfield Outdoors - Voice & Piano on the Porch with Suzanne 
    • Group Piano Zoom class - Mondays 7-8pm
  • Early Childhood, Outdoor Classes Continue...
    • Pre-Ballet/Tap for ages 3 to 5 years - Mondays at 4:30pm
    • Ballet/Tap for ages 5 to 6 years - Mondays at 3:15pm
    • Tap 1 for ages 6 to 9 years - Thursdays at 4:00pm
    • Family Musikgarten for ages 6mo - 5 years - Saturdays
  • Young Artist Classes
  • Ballet 1 - Mondays 5:30-6:30pm

“The child should love everything that he learns, for his mental and emotional growths are linked. Whatever is presented to him must be made beautiful and clear, striking his imagination. Once this love has been kindled, all problems confronting the educationalist will disappear.”

–Maria Montessori

From our teachers...

Encouragement and inspiration are two things that our GPA family want to share with our lovely students. As we enter into 2021, almost a full year into the COVID-19 pandemic, the questions we imagine are on our student’s minds are “How do I keep my motivation and drive starting a new year in the pandemic?”. Here are 10 things to hopefully encourage and inspire you, in a dance world with a lot of unknowns. 

Rethink the way you look at virtual class 


We are all getting tired at looking at each other on a screen and are craving in person interaction. Might I suggest a shift in perspective? Instead of thinking about how much you would rather be in the same room as your friends and fellow dancers, try to remind yourself how much of a blessing dancing is in any capacity! We have beautiful bodies that move in ways that some can’t even imagine. What an honor it is to get to practice this incredible art form, no matter where we are. 


Consider attending more virtual performances 


Not only does attending virtual performances support companies that are struggling to get by and supporting the dancers in them, engaging in these avenues of art can enhance your personal inspiration to create, participate and most importantly MOVE! 


Embrace the time to discover your own style of movement/ voice 


We at GPA are so blessed to have access to some of the most incredible, intelligent and creative minds the dance world has to offer. Taking class is an incredible way to enhance your technique, learn choreography and develop discipline for your craft. Another way to utilize all these gifts that you get by learning from others is taking all of that to start to experiment and develop your own unique way of moving and grooving! Take some time away from your screen and spend some time in your space finding your voice through movement.


Use at home learning as an opportunity to eliminate self judgment/ focus on what you are working 


On a similar note of the previous though, between at home/virtual class or very small in person classes, I encourage you to use this as an opportunity to focus on what you are working on in your own technique and dance journey absent from the evaluation of those around you. No one is around to judge what you work on in the comfort of your living room! This time offers great freedom to work on you and what you need right now. 


Utilize the opportunity to embrace the unpredictability of the world around us as practice for the life of a freelance dancer 


Over the last few years, before the pandemic, the dance world has seen a huge shift from the traditional work with one dance company full time to working for many choreographers and gigs in a more freelance setting. If COVID-19 has taught us anything, it’s to be flexible. This skill is something that working in the dance world was already a valued skill and I can only imagine it being incredibly more useful now. 


Creating space to engage in your community in anyway possible 


I know we are all tired of our screens, however, staying engaged in your community is a great way to find any normalcy these days. If it’s a FaceTime with grandma or socially distant walk in the park with your best friend, try your best to not get stuck in a habit of only spending time alone just because it may feel easier. You have so many loved ones who would love to hear from you! 


Be patient with yourself and give yourself grace 


You are worth taking some time to recognize that life is really hard right now and you deserve to extend yourself the courtesy of patience, kindness, love and grace. You have nothing to prove and it is ok to feel whatever it is you are feeling today. 


Whatever you can offer today is enough


Your teachers recognize how hard this time has been, we are going through it with you! When you feel like it is one of those days where you have nothing to offer but your presence, that is sufficient. If using your art to let out your frustrations, pains, anxiety or fears is helpful to you...USE IT, that’s what it is for. It is ok for energy levels to vary from day to day, especially in a time like this. 


Remember that you are not alone even when we are far apart 


Your GPA family is here for you and we love you. I know we’ve heard a lot of “we are in this together” this year; but we really are! Even when it looks like someone may have it all together, the reality is that we are struggling to operate and exist these days. Please know that your teachers are here for you whatever you need and want you to know that you are nowhere even close to being alone. We open our ears and (socially distant) arms to you to talk any time.


We don’t know what the dance world is going to look like in the future...so don’t worry about it 


Ultimately, it is understandable if the future of dance is on your mind. The reality is we do not know what is in store for the future. If this blurb of thoughts can encourage you of anything, I hope it is for you to live in the present. We simply don’t know what the future has in store so planning and worrying about a world that is so unpredictable is not worth your mental and emotional wellness. Be here and now with a humble and open heart. I hope that you can find ways to embrace your community, yourself and stay happy and safe in these times.

- Greer Hutchison-Hilton