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November 2020 Newsletter





Please visit our website for current available classes. If you are looking for a specific class, please contact us at cjb@greensboroperformingarts.com and let us know. We will do our best to accomodate new classes as we are able!

JDRF One Walk Update

Thank YOU GPA families for helping us this last month to raise awareness for T1D! GPA was able to raise $2,566 and we are only 13 miles from completing our walking goal of 100 miles! Thank you for all of your help to get us to our goals!

What are you thankful for?

Make sure to check our social media this month to see the many reasons we are thankful! 

A Peek Inside the Studio! 


Musical Theatre Pod!


Hip-Hop with Ms. Carla!


A beautiful day for Tap class outside!

Thoughts from our teachers..

In my years of teaching theatre, I have learned how much lessons vary by class, but my main goal remains the same for them all. I want students to discover their unique artists' voice. Once they find it, there is no one who can express their own thoughts, dreams and convictions better.
Students join a theatre class for a variety of reasons. Some are ready to take on a professional life of performance, some want to build speaking or communicating skills and some just want to have fun! I love teaching all of these students-sometimes all in the same class! And I come back to my core goal for all of them: What is their one-of-a-kind combination of passion, talent, energy and conviction?!
When lockdown began in March, I honestly had no idea how to move forward. In person interaction, often in close quarters, had always been part of my teaching style. After all, one of the largest lessons in theatre is about building social skills. Suddenly that aspect was completely gone!
Soon after creating my first Zoom account I began my first digital class. We started by just talking about life, art, etc. just enjoying some interaction. In this conversation, I told them to watch what role art would play in the changing world. Art is alive, it changes, it adapts and expresses itself as everything around us shifts. And we saw it! Artists finding new ways to express their ideas. From making videos in isolation to actors having a reunion show on a Zoom meeting to a dancer in quarantine recreating famous choreography accompanied by a lamp. Even photographers replicating classic paintings with items found around their homes. When we were "all alone," art was alive and reaching out.
Art is important. When we are stressed, lonely, happy or even inspired, we turn to art! How many of us picked up books, listened to music or watched movies during this year? So while the methods have changed a lot, my mission is the same: Show the world that art matters. We all have an artist inside that has something extraordinary to say.
-CJ Bryant