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February Newsletter





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Quote of the month: “Don’t let what you cannot do, interfere with what you can do.”

Taste of Broadway Fundraiser

This Week's News & Events

Taste of Broadway - Rep336 Annual Fundraiser
Space is limited so purchase your tickets today!
Feb 9th at 7pm, Summerfield Farms

Summer Intensive Schedule - Download PDF

Parent's Night Out - February 9th - Cancelled

Musical Theater Events

MTC Series - February 24th - 6pm

Aladdin Jr. Performances - March 15-17
NGFS Arts & Athletic Center

MTC Series #2, March 30 4-6pm

Mamma Mia Performances - May 9 - 11
NGFS Arts & Athletic Center

Academy of Musical Arts 
AMA Recital -May 19th, 2pm

Dance Events

Greensboro Opera's Hansel and Gretel
High Point University
March 1 at 7:30 PM and March 3 at 2 PM

WellSpring Performance Space
March 7-9 at 7:30, March 10 at 2 PM

Center Stage Performing Arts Showcase - April 6th at 2pm
Van Dyke Performance Space

Triad Tap Company Events

Triad Tap Company Auditions - March 16, 2pm - 3:30pm, Fleming Studio A
North Carolina Rhythm Tap Festival - June 7-9

Student Accomplishments

Claire Haile - Accepted into Nashville Ballet Summer Intensive
Keira Dandy - Accepted into Alvin Ailey Summer Intensive

Anna Tilley - Play chosen for North Carolina Young Playwrites Festival

Chloe Carroll and Mackenzie Mullins
Both AMA students passed state level in NATS and will compete in March at Towson University.

Madelyn Shaw - Competing in State Round of the Shakespeare Festival

Haley Myers - Won first place in the August Wilson Monolgue Competition, $500 and all expense  paid trip to NYC for the National Competition and Workshops.

Faculty News

Ken Davis - Friday, March 22nd at 5:30pm in the Organ Hall in the UNCG music building. Ken Davis will be performing his 3rd and final DMA recital before graduating as Dr. Ken Davis, following the defense of his dissertation in the spring.

Abigail Davidson - Performing with B.J. Sullivan at UNCG Symphony Orchestra – Fabián López, violin.

Friday, February 22nd at 7:30pm UNCG Auditorium

What's AMA?

You may see the abbreviation for AMA (Academy of Musical Arts) around the studio. All private lessons are held under our Academy of Musical Arts branch.

This includes: voice, piano, violin, drums and guitar.

What's NATS?
(National Association of Teachers of Singing)

Announcements: Many voice students participated in the Musical Theatre solo competition at Meredith College in November. Mackenzie Mullins won her category and she has been invited to participate in the regional NATS competition at Towson University in Maryland, along with Chloe Carroll who has been passed onto regionals. Emma Brown and Emma Freeman had scores that would have qualified for regionals, however, you must be a high school student to compete.

Upcoming competition: Morning of Saturday, February 16th at UNCG. This is the classical version of NATS and Jaclyn is currently creating a list of students planning to participate. Most students will need to sing 3 songs of classical nature, one in a foreign language. Students will sing for 3 judges and later will get comments from each judge. Classical singing is highly recommended to balance the Musical Theatre music we work on most often. It is a much easier way for students to understand how to use their vocal technique because of the demands of classical music. Registration closes 1/31/19 and costs $25, paid directly to Jaclyn Surso. There will be an accompanist fee for rehearsals and the competition that is yet to be decided on. Talk to Jaclyn for more details.

Healthy Food Option Tips

David Zinczenko’s book, Eat this not that, is a food swapping guide that was published to help folks lose weight. There are online restaurant guides and meal planning that suggests swapping heavy, calorie-laden choices for lower calorie healthy options. And though this article is not a diet advice column, the information in the book’s blog post is useful.

Of the 35 tips for healthy eating at restaurants, here are a few good ones:

  1. Choose restaurants with light options.
  2. Read the menu before you go and plan your meal.
  3. “Take a listen to the music being piped through the restaurants. Eateries with loud, boisterous music—think rock, pop, and heavy metal—create a hectic atmosphere that makes people want to eat quickly. And what happens when you eat quickly? You eat more and suck in air that causes bloating. (Yes, this is one of the 35 Things That Make You Bloat!) Instead, opt for establishments with softer sounds like jazz. A study by researchers at Cornell University found that people who dined in restaurants with lighter music lingered at the table longer, but they actually ate less food.”
  4. The same goes for color. Restaurants with bold, bright colors—think reds and oranges— are stimulating, so you’re more likely to order more. As for the opposite? Softer colors like blues, peaches, grays and pinks encourage a more relaxed, eat-slowly atmosphere.
  5. Look for loaded words on the menu. It would be so much easier if restaurants just came out and said that entrees are full of calories, but few do. Instead, they cloak with fancy- sounding words that hide their true meaning. But, what do you look for? Anything that’s described as creamy, buttery, breaded, stuffed or smothered is likely loaded with fat and calories. Fancy-sounding terms like au gratin, parmesan, cheese-filed scalloped or sauteed is a giveaway that there are plenty of calories stuffed inside the meal.
  6. Ask for sauces on the side.

You can see the entire list here:

Easy food swap from the book:

Love sandwiches? Go ahead and order one. Take off one of the slices of bread, and go open face. You’ve just saved 100 calories, and reduced the likelihood that your body will feel stiff, as carbohydrates can create inflammation. More about that next month.

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