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Greensboro Performing Arts, Inc. is a community of dedicated professional teachers who believe that the pursuit, mastery, and experience of performing arts enrich all of our lives. We have come together to provide a space for learning, a positive ground for interaction with the greater community using the performing arts to contribute to its spiritual growth and development.

Our extensive arts programming for children, teens, and adults is designed to be flexible and family friendly, allowing beginners to professional levels to pursue their creative impulse, from recreational interest to the acquisition of highly technical skills. We recognize that students of all ages need to be in supportive situations where the flow of their creative sensations and their sense of self-esteem is not only valued as it is formed in children, but also guided with reverence and dignity as we age.

We carefully select musical and theatrical content, costumes, and movements, suitable in context and theme for the various age groups presented in our productions. We invite you to explore our web site and discover for yourself the joy of self-expression through the study of movement, music, and drama.

Suzanne Hock Vandergrift
Suzanne Hock Vandergrift

When I asked Anna how she would feel if we moved out of state, she said, "Mom, I can't leave my family". That is GPA. My daughter's testimony to a group of talented and loving coaches and instructors. Thank you for all you do in helping and allowing these kids to blossom!
Amy Morrison Tilley