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MUSIC education has lifetime benefits in many areas, which include everything from changing your mood, to improving reasoning and language skills, increased attentiveness, and supporting students both academically and socially. Starting with the MUSIKGARTEN® program for the very young child and continuing through individual and group instruction for all ages, Greensboro Performing Arts offers a comprehensive music program of excellence.

Early Childhood Music & Movement Classes.
Under the guidance and interaction of our music educators, alongside parent and child, MUSIKGARTEN® fosters an increase in socialization, concentration, fine and gross motor coordination and the overall physical and emotional well being of a child. MUSIKGARTEN® classes are age-specific and offered to children from birth to five years.


PRIVATE INSTRUCTION in Voice, Piano, Guitar, Violin

Private Instruction = $30 per 1/2 hour lesson

Beginning students enroll in a 30-minute private lesson per week. More experienced may register for a 45 or 60-minute private lesson (upon teacher recommendation). Parents may consult with a private teacher to finalize lesson day/time and to decide which length of class is appropriate and best. All private lesson students are strongly encouraged to attend our eurhythmics workshops as available to enhance their studies (see below). GPA's Voice lessons also provide excellent supplemental training for those enrolled in our THEATRE program.

Summer Group Piano Lessons:
"The Piano Project"
This Summer Piano Program for beginner students (ages 5 - 8) is a one-week intensive to jumpstart students into piano study. Our camp curriculum includes both group piano and Eurhythmics classes with a small group of beginner students, from 4-8 children. After completion of "The Piano Project" children move into weekly private or semi-private lessons and additional music classes. Home school families may choose to add this jumpstart program to their home school arts curriculum during the academic year. For consultation and placement, please call us at (336)549-2228.

EURHYTHMICS (Rhythmic Movement Classes)
Eurhythmics is a holistic approach to music study and helps students experience and understand the complex elements of music through physical interaction. These classes are designed to integrate movement, ear training, rhythmic exploration and improvisation, thus furthering each student's musical development. Classes are 45 to 60 minutes in length.