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For Parents

Fee Schedule

Fee Schedule 2021 - 2022
Class Length Monthly Rate
30m/wk $48.00
45m/wk $60.00
60m/wk $72.00
75m/wk $80.00
90m/wk $88.00
Multi-Class Discount
% off class total
2-3 10%
4-6 15%
7-9 20%
10+ 25%
Sibling Discount
10% off total tuition

*All private and small group classes are excluded from discounts
Private Instruction (payment in cash or check only) $120 per month (4 week month) $30 private per :30 min $20 per student/semi-private.


Monthly Tuition paid by cash/check is due the 1st class of each month – a late fee will be charged if payments are not received by the tenth of the month. Bank and/or Credit Card Drafts will be run on the 1st of the month.


At the end of the school year (late May/early June), Greensboro Performing Arts presents several exciting and eclectic recitals at a local theatre. These concerts give each student the chance to experience the thrill and challenge of a live performance, while enabling their family and friends the opportunity to see what their student has learned over the course of the year. We carefully select musical and theatrical content, costumes, and movements, suitable in context and theme for the various age groups presented in our productions.


Registration fee and first month's tuition are due upon enrollment.

  • Registration fee is non-refundable and reserves your child's place in a class of limited size.
  • Bank Drafts are preferred. Payments may be made via Mastercard, Visa, Bank Draft, Check or Cash.
  • Charges will occur the 1st calendar day of every month.
  • Studio sends monthly e-statements each month before drafts are processed.
  • Tuition payments are non-refundable.
  • Students attending any classes during a month will be charged one full month's tuition.
  • Monthly tuition is charged until the studio has received a written request of cancellation.



We expect students to attend all scheduled sessions. Although absences are sometimes unavoidable due to today's busy schedule, if a student misses a private lesson, the instructor is under no obligation to reschedule. We require 24-hour notice of a planned absence; unexpected illness; emergency. A missed lesson without sufficient notice of absence will be charged to the students' account with no make-up. Instructors will reschedule any lessons missed due to instructor illness or professional engagements.


As with most activities, appropriate equipment is essential to the success of the participant. We recommend each student have an acoustic piano to practice regularly on, however an electronic piano (full length and weighted keys with pedal) is an acceptable alternative. Daily practice ensures continual progress. Becoming proficient at any instrument or technique will not occur by simply going to lessons. It takes daily practice during the week to put into motion the concepts covered at the lesson. Please be aware the music lessons are a large time commitment that span over many years. The more time a student devotes to their instrument, the faster and more noticeable the progress will be.

Maintaining lessons over the summer is highly recommended and is crucial to a student's overall progress. We encourage all students to continue some form of lessons over the summer months.


We strongly encourage parents to take an active role in the musical development of their child. This includes helping them create and maintain a practice routine, being aware of their weekly assignments and, if possible, assisting with their theory assignments. Feel free to call your child's instructor to discuss any questions or concerns you may have about your child's piano lessons or practice sessions.


Annual studio concerts will be held each spring. Ample preparation time will be given to ensure each student a successful performance. Performing is an integral part of a musician's life; preparation and performance in recitals help students develop as musicians and is a great way to celebrate improvement over the year and share the gift of music. There will also be informal opportunities throughout the year offering students a chance to meet, have fun and play some seasonal music.

RESOURCES for Private Studio Teachers

GPA's Eurhythmics Program is being offered to your private studio as a help and tool for piano teachers in the community. Classes may be scheduled to meet specifically with your students as an independent group or they may join an already established group.